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I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from Yale. My professional expertise lies in technology and education. I also freelance as a web developer. Check out my Portfolio for examples of my work, and email me at for more information or a quote.


Currently I am the Assistant Director of Information Technology at the Office for International Students and Scholars at Yale University (OISS). Some of my major projects have included working with external vendors and ITS to remediate the department website for accessibility, performing a site structural review and providing recommendations, and overseeing an extensive audio-visual overhaul and installation. 

In the past I have worked together with faculty who are leaders in their field to develop custom websites for their course projects, to incorporate website-based projects into their teaching pedagogy, and to support technology in teaching and learning.


I love to travel. One of my most recent trips was to Capetown, South Africa, where I volunteered with the Yale Alumni Service Corp to teach coding concepts to underprivileged children.

I am passionate about developing personal and professional development opportunities for young professionals. I am a Co-founder and former Co-chair of Future Leaders of Yale and the Vice President of Connecticut Young Professionals.

I do not like to follow the status quo, but rather prefer to forge my own path and experiences. I enjoy proving myself through professional, academic, and personal challenges. I thrive in fast-paced and constantly changing environments that present challenges in which I can use my resourcefulness and creativity to formulate innovative solutions.

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Alina petting Handsome Dan

Alina petting Handsome Dan